Remote Observing Center

The Remote Observing Center ROC is a facility developed during this project. It includes a voice and video-conference Polycom station compatible with similar infrastructures used by others remote observing organizations and astronomical observatories. A dual head video card workstation will manage the VPN/SSH tunnels with the telescope operating center and will display via terminal export the GUI interfaces for operating the telescope and the instruments during the observing run.

The core equipment is a Polycom QDX600 videoconferencing system that delivers high-quality DVD-resolution video and CD-quality audio, along with content-sharing capabilities that are simple to use. Bandwidth provisioning and internet link redundacy was implemented using a managed switch and traffic rules at Institute's gateway level.

ROC is not used exclusively for astronomical observations. The video-conference infrastructure is ideal for “tele-presence” during seminars, meetings and collaborations with the research partners of the Institute. With its set-up completed on December 2011, ROC was tested and validated in both observing and videoconference meeting for over 200 hours.

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