IRTF Observations

Our proposal The missing V-type NEA, Semester 2012B, obtained a total of 16 hours of observations in 4 runs. Targets succesfully observed are listed below:

16 September 2012: HD12451 HD232824  HD50117 HD_7983 1990MU 1989ML  2004EW9  2007PA8 

04 November 2012:  BD+513346  HD217577 HD9761 2004EW9 2002XA40 2001JW2 2008XE3

15 December 2012: HD220764 HD23650  HD29714 HD31867 HD9761 1994XD 1998WZ6 2001BK16 2001YM2 2003HR32 2006VB14

25 January 2013: HD12846 HD60298 1989VJ 2006YT13

A second proposal: The missing V-type NEA, Semester 2013B obtained an additional 5 hours of observations on June 25 2013. Asteroids and standards stars observed in this run are listed below:

25 June 2013: HD147194 HD157985 HD169019 HD184700 HD231683 2002LT24 2002OD20 1999WC2 2007TX18 1998QE2

With 20 asteroids already observed our project exceeded the original milestone of 10 targets.